The first step in providing the proper long-term care is assessing the specific needs of each of your individual trees and shrubs. MOSSY understands the unique requirements of trees in Portland and the many conditions that may affect the trees on your property. Our arborists will walk the property and will make detailed recommendations for how to keep them healthy, strong and beautiful.


The city of Portland requires a permit for tree work and encroachments on public right-of-ways, tree pruning and tree removals. MOSSY can do all of the work to obtain all applicable permits.


Pruning, or trimming, is one of the most common and effective methods of maintaining a healthy, beautiful and safe tree. The removal of dead plant material, storm damaged limbs, weak or diseased branches, or densely overgrown limbs can greatly enhance the health and aesthetics of your tree, especially if a pruning program is started when the tree is young.

Proper pruning techniques started when the tree is young will help “train” the tree into forming a strong trunk and canopy. As the tree matures, the training it received early on will help keep it healthy and thus more resistant to pest and disease infestation and storm damage. If the tree is maintained properly from the beginning, the need for excessive pruning and costly maintenance will become less necessary as the tree grows.

CABLING & Bracing

Cabling and bracing is a process intended to support weak or damaged limbs by installing cables between two or more branches. Often storm damaged, structurally unsound or dangerous limbs can be supported instead of resorting to excessive pruning or complete tree removal, allowing the tree to grow normally and resist stress.


Trees sometimes need to be removed for safety reasons, to improve accessibility, or due to poor tree health. Often a tree can become hazardous to personal safety or the safety of property due to significant storm damage, pest or disease infestation and decay, or tree death. Other reasons for tree removal can include trees that are interfering with or affecting the health of other trees, interference with sidewalks, driveways or public utilities, or the tree may have become an aesthetic concern for the property. Our team is trained to remove your trees safely, efficiently, and with minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas in your yard or business.

In some cases, tree removal may prove to be unnecessary, with effective pruning services or cabling and bracing techniques providing both the remediation of a hazard or aesthetic situation while keeping the tree alive and in the ground. Our Certified Arborists can help you determine what course of action will be best for you and your property.


After a tree is removed a stump will remain, usually 2 to 3 inches above the ground. This stump will decompose and return its nutrients to the soil but this can take a great deal of time. Alternatively a specialized stump grinder can grind and remove the stump, and the roots beneath, into mulch.



Chipping pruned limbs from shrubs and trees makes the disposal of the material safer and more efficient. This material can be hauled away leaving the property clean and clear of debris, or the chipped material can be used as ground cover, weed prevention or natural organic compost.


During or after a big storm 24-hour service for immediate help with cracked, hanging or fallen trees or limbs due to weather events: storms, wind damage or lightning strikes.